July 28, 2017

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Resources - Outdoors - Maine Sightseeing

There are many sights to see in Maine, from her famous lighthouses to historic covered bridges to spectacular fall foliage.

Covered Bridges

There were once over 100 covered bridges in Maine. Very few remain. Information about these bridges, and where to find them, is collected here.

Fall Foliage

Maine bursts with color in the fall, as its vast forested areas turn brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange. Find information about autumn foliage viewing times and trips.


As a coastal state, Maine is blessed with scores of picturesque lighthouses. Information on these historic "lights" is collected.

Scenic Byways

There are 150 scenic byways in the United States. Four of these are in Maine, and one is a rare "All-American Road," a destination unto itself. Check them out.

Puffin Watching

Information about the Atlantic Puffin and puffin tour operators in Maine.

Whale Watching

Tour operators all along the Maine coast will take you on multi-hour trips where you can see several species of whales. Along the way, you may also spot other sea mammals and avian life, such as puffins.