August 17, 2017

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Maine Travel Resources

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There are multiple sources and types of Maine vacation and living information. Online Guides are offered by the State itself, by tourism associations, by chambers of commerce throughout Maine and by other sources. Brochures are available from many of these entities. Maps are prepared by various sources. Find everything you need here.

Lodging and Eats & Drinks

Places to stay in Maine, from hotels and B&Bs, to campgrounds, cabins and vacation rentals. Also places to dine in Maine. Many of these lodging and dining options are mapped, and many also link through to useful user reviews.

Events and Outdoors

And after you are rested and fed, check out events and outdoor activities in Maine.

Official Maine Tourism and Official Travel Guides and Brochures

Maine.Gov and the Maine Office of Tourism provide online guides for help in planning a vacation in Maine. Also find Maine travel brochures. We've gone through Official Maine listings, the Chamber of Commerce Online Resources and the Convention and Visitors Bureau Online Resources in order to collect, here, all of the links we can find to official Maine vacation guides and travel brochures. These can be viewed online or mailed to you, generally at no cost.

Maine Tourism Regions and Maine Chambers of Commerce and Maine Convention and Visitors Bureaus

Official websites for each of the eight Maine tourism regions: (1) Aroostook (the Crown of Maine), (2) the Maine Highlands, (3) Downeast-Acadia (Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park area), (4) Mid-Coast (Boothbay and Rockland area), (5) Greater Portland and Casco Bay, (6) the Southern Maine Coast (Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, York and Wells), (7) Maine Lakes and Mountains (western Maine) and (8) the Kennebec River Valley area. Also, within each Maine tourism region are dozens of Maine chambers of commerce, another great source for planning Maine vacations. If any additional info is needed, just place a phone call to the chamber of commerce. These folks are very helpful and know the "skinny" on everything local. Finally, another vacation planning resource are the two Maine conventions and visitors bureaurs. Find them here.

Maine Cities & Towns : Island Villages : Coastal Beaches : Lakes : Parks : Outdoors : Sightseeing

The websites of Maine's cities, towns and villages are valuable sources in their own right. While they generally focus on information for local residents, they often contain useful ideas for planning Maine vacations. We have collected here not only the official town websites, but also private sites that focus on specific Maine towns (these tend to offer more information for Maine travelers). Note that we have taken care to distinguish between "official" and "private" websites. Also, some Maine towns are islands onto themselves (literally). These are separately listed in a section pertaining to Maine island communities. Enjoy a vaction on the Maine coast.

Planes, Trains and .  .  . Ferries

You've got to get to Maine and then get around. The major airports are listed, with a link to a site that shows even the tiniest Maine airports. The primary train to Maine is the Downeaster. For those traveling to & from islands, the various ferries are listed with links to their schedules.

Books : Maps : Photos : Travel Articles

Learn about Maine through photos, maps & books.